Watch: Bill Maher Blasts Media's Hypocrisy on Bill O'Reilly's War Lies

In a scathing commentary full of great examples of FOX News host Bill O’Reilly’s blatant lies about reporting from several war zones, Bill Maher went after the conservative media for not going after O’Reilly with the same “ferocity” they went after Brian Williams with.

Maher listed off each of O’Reilly’s verifiably false claims––from his coverage of the Falklands War to his ridiculous claims about having been a witness to events that all of his colleagues have disputed and dispelled. Maher called O’Reilly a “blatant, bald-assed liar,” and blasted Fox News for having the audacity to defend him.

Next, David Axelrod and Matt Taibi summed it up best, when they said “Bill O’Reilly isn’t a real journalist,” and “Bill O’Reilly being full of shit about something isn’t a news story,” respectively.

Watch the video:

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