Bernie Sanders Blasts the 47 Republican Traitors: They're 'Itching' for ANOTHER War

Senator Bernie Sanders has come out against the 47 Republican traitors who sent a letter to Iran in an attempt to sabotage President Obama’s nuclear peace negotiations. The Independent Senator correctly stated that the real reason Republicans are doing this is because they want to force our country into another war:

[M]y Republican friends seem to be itching for that war. When you sabotage the effort to reach a peace agreement by the leader of the United States of America — the man who is charged with dealing with foreign policy — that, to me, is really unspeakable….Apparently, some of my Republican colleagues do not believe that two wars are enough. I think that is a very, very tragic position to hold. [Source]

Senator Sanders is spot on. The only possible explanation for the asinine behavior of the GOP over the last two weeks, first with the Netanyahu speech and now this, is that they want us into another disastrous war. Clearly, more than a decade of war, $6 trillion dollars, and 6,845 dead military members is not enough for the Republican Party’s war-hungry leaders.

When it was announced that we would be withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, Republicans denounced the move far and wide. They shouted from the rooftops that is was the wrong thing to do.

Republicans have always been in bed with the Military Industrial Complex, it’s no secret. They want us to go to war for the exact same reason they want to kill internet freedom: to please their corporate overlords.

According to, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and James Inofe (4 of the 47 Traitors) are among the top 20 defense lobby money recipients. In 2014, the four of them combined received over $570,000 from the industry. I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that those contractors want something for that money. Why else would they be giving it to them?

So, what would give defense lobbyists the biggest return on their investment? A war.

Republicans have proven over and over and over again that they hate President Obama more than they love America. They have also proven that they love money more than they love American soldiers; you know, the soldiers they claim they “support” and “respect.”

A war with Iran would marry those two Republican ideals. If they tank the negotiations, they are sticking it to the president they hate AND they are pleasing the donors who legally bribed them into office. It is a win, win for them. The only people who lose are Americans; but we all know Republicans could care less what happens to the people in this country. They have made that crystal clear.

Bernie Sanders is absolutely right in his assessment of the situation; and the 47 warmongering Republican traitors who sent that letter to Iran need to be thrown out of office before we are forced into yet another reckless war.