Watch: Bill Maher Leaves an Obama Hater Speechless With 1 Question

When Genevieve Wood from the ultra conservative and Koch-funded Heritage Foundation faced off against Bill Maher, she was left speechless and visibly flustered by a pointed question that pierced the hypocrisy of the Republican economic argument against Obama.

“We now have a pretty amazing economy,” Maher began. “Republicans always said Obama was a socialist. Does that mean they were wrong about that, or does socialism work?”

As soon as Maher asked her the question, you can hear an audible gasp from the crowd as they quickly realize that he just checkmated her.

She was left floundering, smiling nervously, and admitting that it was a “good question.”

Although he could merely contain his laughter, you can even tell that Bill Maher felt a little bad for his conservative guest, because he tried to make light of it with a joke about how unfair of a question it was (because it was so good), and even apologized in jest.

Watch the video below:

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