Watch: Open Carry Gun Nut Terrorizes Michigan School, Causes Lockdown: UPDATE – Glenn Beck Agrees On Air!

Madison Heights, MI – On March 4th, Lamphere High School was put on lockdown when a man tried to access the campus with a large, loaded gun strapped to his back. The ammosexual terrified staff and students, who clearly didn’t appreciate his reckless obsession with asserting his right to openly carry.

The man was identified as Shawn Nixon of the Hell’s Saints Open Carry Group. According to the group’s Facebook page they’re just a bunch of harmless folks exercising their First Amendment Rights; their ‘non-threatening’ motto is:

Earnest and friendly like Jehovah’s Witnesses, but heavily-armed.

After school officials saw a man with a rifle strapped to his back, attempting to gain access to the school, they immediately called the local police.

When police arrived they attempted to speak to the gun nut, but he wouldn’t listen to them. He told police:

I don’t have to answer your questions, I’m not under arrest, but you do have to answer my questions, you’re public servants and my tax dollars pay you.

Even though open carry is legal in Michigan, how legal it is to be walking onto a pubic schools property, armed, without so much as your own child in attendance and behave with such disdain for those who are sworn to protect and serve?

The video, that was made by Nixon himself and has now turned into another campaign message from the folks at Mom’s Demand Action For Gun Sense In America and Everytown For Gun Safety, clearly shows the need for stronger and common sense gun laws. Traffic fatalities are now just about even, lower in some places, than death by gun! Our kids shouldn’t be terrified at school because some ammosexual like Nixon wants to scare the crap out of them with a rifle strapped to his back all in the name of exercising his First Amendment rights to be an obnoxious menacing lunatic.

Although the police were very reasonable, Nixon continued to ramble on and on about his unreasonable obsession with “liberty” and “freedom”.

Somebody needs to remind this reckless gun nut that teaching our kids to ‘duck & cover’ is not what the First Amendment is about.

On his radio show this morning Glenn Beck had this to say:

Can we stop doing open carry parades just to antagonize the police.? This is ridiculous. The cops are leaving you alone. Common sense says somebody will have a problem with a guy with a rifle across the street from the school. Can you carry it there? Yes. But if the cop says, ‘hey, what are you doing?’ ‘I’m just exercising my constitutional right.’

“The idea of carrying a weapon and an open carrying weapon is not that we all go blind to weapons. We have to still look for things that don’t fit. It’s called profiling. And I’m sorry. It works. We look for things that don’t fit. A guy carrying a rifle across the street from a school doesn’t fit.”

See video below.


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