Watch: Stewart Uses Reagan to Show Republican Hypocrisy on Iran Peace Deal

In this eye-opening clip, Jon Stewart summons the ghost of Pres. Reagan to take apart the Republican Party’s claims that Pres. Obama’s nuclear peace deal with Iran is a “tyrannical power grab”, exposing their hypocrisy with historical context and humor.

As Stewart states, unbeknownst to many Republicans, Pres. Reagan actually signed over 1,500 executive orders, including a nuclear peace treaty with China and, wait for it… a hostage treaty with IRAN, without having them first approved by Congress.

As Stewart says sarcastically in this clip, “I know Reagan would NEVER deal with such a loathsome regime!”

Well republicans are flooding the airwaves with their fake outrage, maybe it would be better if they actually learned a little history and understood the historical context of the Executive Branch’s power and authority to conduct foreign policy.

Kudos to Jon Stewart and his team for setting the record straight.

Watch the video BELOW:

Reagan and Iran by omar-rivero-305

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