Watch: Missouri Republican Caught on Hot Mic Trashing Hannity LIVE on FOX

    After airing interviews of desperate attempts by a Fox correspondent to smear Ferguson protesters in Ferguson, Mo., host Sean Hannity turned to the Republican Lieutenant Governor for his thoughts on renewed protests in the city.

    Kinder, unaware that he was live on the air, sighed and shared his disgust with Hannity and his show:

    “God, that is terrible TV,” he said to himself, and it was picked up LIVE on air.

    Hannity, caught off guard. “Well,” he said, and continued his scrip, but Lt. Gov. Kinder still didn’t notice that he was on, so even when it came time for him to finally speak, he remained silent.

    “Peter, can you hear me?” Hannity asked.

    “Oh, I can hear you, I thought you were coming to me after the break, Sean,” the Lieutenant governor replied.

    Watch the clip:

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