Traitor Tom Cotton Worried That Iran Already 'Occupies' Tehran – Its Own Capital (VIDEO)

Sometimes, when Republicans are fear-mongering us into another reckless war for profit, they forget a few details. For instance Tom Cotton, the architect of the traitorous letter sent to Iran by 47 GOP Senators threatening to sabotage nuclear talks with Iran at all costs, is extremely worried about Iran ‘occupying’ Tehran… in the same manner that the United States “occupies” Washington D.C.

” What do you want to happen here? What is your alternative here? Let’s say that the deal falls through, then what?” asked Bob Schieffer.

Cotton explained that Iran already controls Tehran, its capital city — and it is because of this that he and his friends were forced to meddle in international affairs.

“Well, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, the alternative to a bad deal is a better deal,” said Cotton. “The Iranians frequently bluff to walk away from the table. If they bluff this week, call their bluff. The Congress stands ready to impose much more severe sanctions. Moreover we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance.”

Then Cotton dropped a knowledge bomb — Iran controls its own capital:

 They already control Tehran increasingly they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad and now Sana’a as well.

“They do all that without a nuclear weapon. imagine what they would do with a nuclear weapon,” Cotton explained.

The freshman Senator said he has “no regrets at all” about sending the letter. “If the president and secretary of state were intent on driving a hard bargain, they would be able to point to this letter and say, ‘They’re right — as Secretary Kerry said on Wednesday in his Senate testimony — any lasting deal needs to be approved by Congress,’” Cotton continued.

“The fact that President Obama doesn’t see this letter as a way to get more leverage at the negotiating table just underscores that he is not negotiating for the hardest deal possible,” Cotton asserted. “He is negotiating a deal that is going to put Iran on the path to a bomb. If not today or tomorrow, then 10 years from now.”

For some reason Schieffer never asked for clarification about Cotton’s fear of Iran maintaining “control” over its own capital.

Cotton attended Harvard, where apparently one can obtain a law degree…but skip geography class.

Watch this miserable failure, below — and hear what he has to say, too!:

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