Watch: Obama Brilliantly Equates the Republican Traitors With Iranian Extremists

In this hard-hitting video clip, Pres. Obama had to stop himself from laughing when asked about the letter sent to Iran by the 47 Republican saboteurs in the Senate. His answer is powerful, concise, and perfect — drawing a parallel between the Republican hard-liners and the Iranian hardliners, and making it clear that by becoming their pen pals, they actually made “common cause” with Iranian hardliners who are interested in obtaining a nuclear weapon.

It got even better, as he wrapped it up with a strong message about the state of our politics and the Tea Party aimed at the 47 Republican saboteurs, or as others refer to them, the 47 traitors. He ended it with “in this day and age, we can’t afford it”.

Pres. Obama is right. the 47 letter signers actually joined ranks with Iranian extremists who want nothing to do with peace and are actually seeking to develop a nuclear weapon.

Kudos to him for speaking the truth.

Watch the video:

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