Watch: Tom Colicchio Rips Republicans for Taking 'Food Off the Plates' of Children & Seniors

Top Chef celebrity chef and advocate for the hungry, Tom Colicchio, after learning of House Republicans’ new budget that makes harsh cuts to food stamps for children, seniors, and the disabled, took to MSNBC to call out hypocritical red state Republican politicians and voters for voting against their own best interests and that of their constituents.

In a rant that can’t be missed, he rakes Republicans through the coals and doesn’t mince words.

The Top Chef couldn’t be more right. While these Republican politicians just decided to cut food stamps, their red state constituents use food stamps at a much higher rate then their northern and western counterparts — while contributing much less to the federal coffers.

Like he says, they are “taking food off peoples’ plates!”

The hypocrisy is truly blinding.

Watch the video and pass it on:

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