FOX News to Women: Stay At Home, You Don't Need Female Leaders (VIDEO)

On Fox News “Outnumbered”, a female panelist, “KENNEDY”, as well as host Harris Faulkner, decided Hillary Clinton’s defense of women’s rights was just her way of “playing the women card” and being anti-men — and that women don’t need a female leader like her —  because they are better staying at home and allowing men to lead the way and bring home the bacon.

She’s waging a war on men,” “Kennedy” augured. “While she’s trying to gather the women’s vote, there’s a bunch of dudes sitting around going ‘Hey wait a second, I’m just trying to get a job, pay my mortgage and support my family. She’s completely against me and my kind. I didn’t want it to be about gender at all, but she’s making it divisive.

Really? As a woman, whose had the displeasure of listening to Kennedy live, I am disgusted. Kennedy is nothing more than a self-loathing, money hungry talking head determined to say or do anything to receive a paycheck from FOX.

Faulkner chimed in with:

“Maybe they don’t need a champion that looks just like them. They need a champion that will treat everybody fairly — so if they’re with these men that also need jobs, everybody wins.”

Their suggestions are grossly patriarchic. Women don’t need a female champion, we should just stay at home and sit back and be fine with what men think, you know, they way things are. Women shouldn’t demand equal rights because men need jobs? This is the kind of idiocy one can only find on FOX “News”.

Women have been treated like second-class citizens since forever and she is playing the “Waging a war on men” card. What war on men? They already get paid more, don’t have women or men for that matter dictating their health, and last I looked we’ve yet to have a women president. Of course, a woman running for the highest office is going to use the fact she is a woman, just the way men do. I, for one, would love a women’s point of view. They certainly couldn’t do worse than our current crop of Republican crazies in Congress.

Clinton took to Twitter on Monday to shred Congressional Lawmakers by tweeting the following three points calling it the Congressional trifecta against women today:

1. Blocking the 1st African American women for Attorney General.

2. Playing politics with trafficking victims.

3. Threatening women’s health and rights.

Watch the video BELOW:


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