Watch: Rick Scott's Disaster Chief Hilariously Refuses to Say 'Climate Change' in Hearing

In this video that has to be seen to be believed, Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s disaster chief smiled nervously as he stammered through a line of questioning by two state senators who tried to goad him into uttering those the two words that Scott just banned “climate change.”

The federal government, one of the State Senators noted, recently passed a new rule that could withhold FEMA cash for states who don’t have a plan in place to mitigate climate change. He asked how that would affect Florida?

The disaster manager replied that the state has until 2018 to deal with the new rules, but carefully avoided repeating the words “climate change,” saying instead that Florida would address “language to that effect”.

That’s when the committee’s chairman, Clearwater Republican Sen. Jack Latvala, interjected, “What were those words?” he asked.

As Koons smiled nervously, the State Senator, not an official employee of the state, joked, “I used ‘climate change,’ but I’m suggesting as a state we might use ‘atmospheric reemployment.’”

While everyone in the room burst out laughing, the emergency manager didn’t take the bait, continuing to refer to “the issue” instead of climate change. The Senator, “What issue is that?”

“Uhh, the issue you mentioned earlier, regarding, uh, climate …” the emergency manager replied as the crows burst into laugher.


While Governor Scott has continued to insist that no such ban on the term “climate change” exists, the actions of his emergency manager in this clip beg to differ.

Watch the video:

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