Watch: Rachel Maddow Blows Lid Off Scott Walker Bribery Scandal

In this informative segment, Rachel Maddow exposes the growing scandal threatening to derail Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s nascent presidential aspirations. A criminal inquiry into his campaign funds has revealed that during the governor’s recall election last year, his campaign received over $1.5 million in bribes from hardware tycoon, billionaire, and environmental villain George Menard.

Menard, a man famed for his wealth and run-ins with environmental protection agencies, is known for such absurdly diabolical acts such as disposing of arsenic-tainted waste in his home garbage and personally throwing bags of cancer-causing toxic ash into a state landfill. In return for his exorbitant donation, a questionably legal bribe, he received over $1.8 million in tax breaks and the Walker Administration’s promise to shield his businesses from environmental agencies, allowing him to continuing freely poisoning and polluting for his profit, and apparently pleasure as well.

The case is to be set before the Wisconsin Supreme Court later this week.

Kudos to Rachel Maddow and her team for exposing yet another scandalous example of Republican cronyism and corruption.

Watch the video here:

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