Watch: Bernie Sanders Announces Bill to Provide Free College Tuition

In this clip, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) addresses a student protest at the Supreme Court on Friday afternoon, announcing exciting legislation to make public college free across America and to drastically cut student loan interest.

Striking a comparison to European nations and the value that they place in their young people, Sanders emphatically declared that “We want you to be able to go to college or graduate school, regardless of your income, because WE NEED your intelligence, WE NEED your energy, and WE NEED your idealism, and we’re not going to keep you from getting an education just because your family doesn’t have a lot of money!”

He then rails against the “absolutely backward” budget passed by the Republican Senate early this morning, criticizing the draconian cuts to education and student debt relief. President Obama has already made it clear that he will veto the budget, but their persistent attempts to cripple the middle class and sacrifice America’s future at the alter of short-term profits and the demands of the one percent are as disgraceful as they are puzzling.

Watch the clip here:

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