Watch: Bill Maher Mocks Ted Cruz's Presidential Hopes, Rips His Obamacare Hypocrisy

Bill Maher opened his show on Friday by taking hilarious shots at Tea Party darling Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations.

“People have Ted Cruz Fever!” Maher said. “It’s kinda like that flu bug going around except the sh!# comes out your mouth.”

Maher compared Cruz to Pres. Obama for having only been a Senator for two years and declaring early — “the big difference, of course, is that Ted Cruz actually wasn’t born in America.”

Maher also went after Cruz for signing up for health insurance through Obamacare, despite the Texas senator’s irrational and often tantrum like objections to the law.

Maher noted that Cruz responded to criticism by saying people ought to follow the text of the law, even laws one might disagree with. Maher followed with an offer: “Ted, if you need some medical marijuana, call me.”

Watch Maher Rip Ted Cruz Below:



Maher and his panel also derided Cruz for his recent claim that 9-11 made him a country music fan.

“It shows a willingness on the part of Ted Cruz, I think, to say whatever it is that people want to hear,” actor Zachary Quinto mused. “It’s a real problem, his ability to deny certain aspects of things that are scientifically proven — certainly climate change and global warming and many other topics.”



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