Watch: Republican Laughs As Brave Veteran Shares Her Rape Story

In this clip from the Ohio state legislature, members of the Republican Party openly laugh as State Rep. Theresa Fedor solemnly shares her rape and abortion story in opposition to Bill 69, also known as the “Heartbeat Bill”, which would make it a felony to abort a fetus after a heartbeat is detected.

The lack of respect that the Republican Party shows for women and women’s right’s is simply unfathomable. “I fought in the military for that freedom…and for all the women who were raped in the military” was the phrase which prompted snickers from the right side of the aisle, and it’s atrocious that someone claiming to represent a constituency would find such a serious subject amusing. Over 26,000 military service members are raped every year, and it is shameful that one would make light of such widespread trauma, especially by those willing to give their lives to defend our nation.

Watch the video here:


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