Watch: Barney Frank Schools an Obama-Hater on Bush & Cheney's Role in Middle East Chaos

In this powerful clip from this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, former Democratic Congressman Barney Frank raked conservative commentator S.E. Cupp’s through the coals for having the audacity to criticize Pres. Obama for causing the chaos in the Middle East, forcefully reminding her that Pres. Bush and Dick Cheney are solely to blame for anything that happened after their reckless and questionably criminal decision to lie our country into a preemptive war with Iraq.

CUPP: Do you think Obama has any responsibility though for creating a chaos say in Libya where he sent troops in?

FRANK: No, I think that… well, he has a little in Libya, more is for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. That war in Iraq was the biggest…

CUPP: Again, who got us pregnant? Let’s stop arguing about who got us pregnant.

MAHER: Why? It’s relevant.

CUPP: So what are you going to do about it now?

FRANK: I have to respond. First you say, oh isn’t it Obama’s fault.

CUPP: I didn’t say that.

FRANK: Yeah, you said, isn’t it Obama’s responsibility in Libya…

CUPP: I asked you if he had some responsibility for sending troops into Libya and then leaving…

FRANK: Yes, in other words, who got us pregnant in Libya, so you’re different about your pregnancy tests. But the point is…

CUPP: No, I’m pointing out you only want to blame Bush!

FRANK: Yes I do, because the war in Iraq, the stupidest thing the American government ever did, the most costly and the most damaging is the major reason why things began to deteriorate.

Kudos to Barney Frank for putting this Republican hypocrite in her place, and for placing the responsibility for the chaos in the Middle East squarely at the feet of Pres. Bush and Dick Cheney — not Pres. Obama.

Watch the video:

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