Watch: Rachel Maddow Shreds Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for Signing Anti-Gay Bill

In this video, Rachel Maddow takes Indiana’s Republican Gov. Mike pence to task for having just signed the bigoted “religious freedom” anti-gay bill that allows private businesses to refuse service to gay customers.

Maddow, who is openly gay, unloads on Gov. pants, drawing a powerful parallel between his anti-gay bill and Arizona’s SB 1070 bill that discriminated against undocumented workers — and caused a business backlash that almost  ended up costing the state billions of dollars — before Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed it.

As Maddows warn  Governor Pence, large businesses such as Apple have already declared that they will be boycotting Indiana until the lot is repealed, with more businesses joining the boycott each day.

Maddow is right. Not only is this bill discriminatory, bigoted, and unconstitutional, it is also going to potentially cost the state billions of dollars, because there are financial consequence to bigotry.

Watch the video:

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