Watch: FOX News Compares Gays to Nazis to Justify Indiana's Bigoted Law

In this video clip, FOX News contributor Mike Gallagher took the conservative network’s bigotry to a whole new height when he drew an equivalency between gays wanting to be served at restaurants to “Nazis” seeking to have hate-filled “Swastika signs” made for a “skinhead rally”.

Alan Colmes couldn’t stop himself rolling his eyes at Gallagher, who came back at Colmes later on in the clip:

“Alan, why do you roll your eyes at making a Jewish sign-maker make a sign for a skinhead rally?”

Really? Republicans and Fox “news” are so desperate to justify their discrimination and bigotry towards the gay community that they are down to their last tool: comparing them to nazis.

It’s not only insulting, it’s pathetic.

Watch the video:

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