Watch Gov. Pence Crash & Burn When Asked a Yes or No Question About Anti-Gay Bill

In this very telling video, Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence refuses to answer a simple ‘yes or no’ question about his anti-gay “religious exemption” law, even though host George Stephanopoulus tried to pin him down by asking it about ten different times in three different ways over a three minute span.

If this video doesn’t prove to you that Gov. Pence and Indiana Republicans are full-knowingly discriminating against gays and the entire LGBT community, you may be a Tea Partier.

While Pence jumped political summersaults to avoid the simple “yes or no” question of whether the law allows a Christian florist to refuse service to a gay couple, those of us who are paying attention understand that the answer is a resounding YES.

Nice try, Gov. Pence.

Watch the video:

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