Watch: CNN Host Calls Out Homophobe for Cherry Picking the Bible to Justify Indiana's Anti-Gay Law

In this video, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo challenges Family Research Council’s Peter Spriggs on the intentions behind Indiana’s controversial discrimination law and leaves him struggling for words behind a relentless verbal assault that invokes Jesus and questions the entire reasoning underlying the issue.

“Let me ask you, why do so many Christians these days believe that the exercise of their faith requires the exclusion and judgement of others?” begins Mr. Cuomo as he then goes on to demand an answer for the Christian obsession with the infringement of their “religious freedom” by the very existence of gay people. “Do you want to worry about the insidious implicit infringements on what matters most to America? The chance for people to be who they want to be?”

Mr. Spriggs responds with the same tired prattle that Republicans use to disguise their intolerance, but has no real response to Cuomo’s invoking the contradiction between Jesus’s message of love and the Indiana Christian’s inability to coexist with their gay neighbors.

Watch this powerful video here:

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