Watch: Indiana Democrats Blast Republicans' Anti-Gay Law, 'The Radicalization of the Right Wing Has Taken Over!'

In this clip, a pair of brave Indiana Democrats take the podium and denounce the now notorious SB 101, the anti-gay “religious exemption” law passed by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Pence.

They bemoan the extremism that has taken over on the other side of the aisle, and regret the damage that has been done to their state’s image: “The radicalism of the right wing has taken over, and they need to do a reversal, a one-eighty on this, to put us on a path to healing the reputation of the state of Indiana.”

The bill has been met with resounding criticism across the country; just hours ago the Governor of Connecticut signed an executive order boycotting Indiana until further notice. While the right has protested mightily at the backlash, there has been a remarkable refusal on their part to assert that the law does not have an intent to discriminate. Their silence is more than enough of an answer for the rest of us.

Watch it here, courtesy of Raw Story:


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