Watch Bernie Sanders: Big Banks Scared We're Going to Break Them Up

In this clip, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) absolutely eviscerates the noxious influence of Wall Street banks and the unrestrained capitalism that is poisoning our democracy and nation.

Prompted by recent declarations from Citigroup and other banks that they will no longer donate to Democratic candidates unless Senator Elizabeth Warren tones down her anti-Wall Street rhetoric, host Al Sharpton asks Sanders what has changed.

“I think they’re getting nervous that the American people are catching on, that the ethos of Wall St is greed and fraud. It is unacceptable that six financial institutions have assets equal to 63% of our GDP, to issue half the mortgages and two-thirds of the credit cards in our country.”

He then bemoans the extensive influence and reach that the bank oligarchy hold over the American democracy: “the American people understand that we in Congress are unable to regulate Wall St in fact their power is so great that THEY regulate our Congress, and more and more people are saying enough is enough, it is time to break them up.”

Watch this passionate rebuke here:

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