Watch: Ed Schultz Throws a Republican Gay-Hating Liar Off His Show

In this amusing clip, Ed Schultz from the MSNBC becomes so frustrated with Republican double-talk that he cuts his guest off! Ryan Anderson, from the Heritage Foundation (a prominent conservative think tank neo-con propaganda factory funded by the Koch brothers), attempts to use the same tired arguments that right-wingers are throwing out in defense of Indiana’s controversial law allowing discrimination of gay Americans.

Mr. Anderson argues that since Congress has ascribed corporations with “person hood”, that means that profit-machines composed of multiple individuals now are now “religious”, which therefore under Indiana’s new law allows them to refuse service to gay Americans because the ownership’s religious convictions.

Mr Schultz responds: “You are not a corporation. You are a human being. Now,  you may work for a corporation, but the rights of – but wait a minute. The rights of you far exceed that of a corporation and this right now, if you connect the two, opens the door for blatant discrimination.”

Anderson’s rebuttal consisted mostly of semantics and defended the governor of Indiana, which enraged Mr. Schultz to the point that he cut his mike off and ends with this:


Watch it here:

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