Watch: Elizabeth Warren Rips Student Loan Rates for Squeezing Billions from Our Kids

In this video, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) joins the crew on Morning Joe to discuss her upcoming legislative projects, especially concerning student debt and the machinations of Wall Street.

Wasting no time, she opens with “This is a fight we have to have right this minute…I have a bill right now that’s pending to reduce the interest rates on student loans. I think it is obscene that the federal government is making a profit off the backs of kids that have to go to college. the loans that went out between 2007-2012, that’s what we have good data on, they are on track…to make $66 billion in profits for the United States government.”

When the host attempts to provoke Ms. Warren into critiquing Hillary Clinton, she deftly sidesteps and declares that “This is what everybody should be talking about, Democrat or Republican.”

She doesn’t forget to take shots at the big banks either; when questioned about her passion for the subject, Warren agrees that it gets her fired up, especially “when the largest financial institutions load up on risk, break the economy, get bailed out by taxpayers, then come back and spend more than a million dollars a day in order to fight financial reforms, then turn around and complain that ‘Oh! There’s too much regulation!’ While their profits go through the roof!”

Since she began her fight a year ago, there’s been an additional million students mired in debt and another hundred billion dollars in student debt hanging over their heads. The numbers are astronomical, and it’s no wonder so many of our children can’t make it for themselves when they start so far behind. As anchor Joe Scarborough remarks, “We preach capitalism to single mothers and practice socialism with the big banks.” It’s time someone like Ms. Warren took up the banner and campaigned for relief.

Watch it here:

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