Watch: Crybaby Cruz Complains that Corporations are Choosing Gays over Bigots

In this clip from a rally in Dallas, Ted Cruz piteously moans about the backlash from big business over the Indiana discrimination law, accusing his corporate overlords of “shamelessly” choosing to defend gay Americans and ‘persecuting’ right-wing Christians for their insufferable need to judge and condemn others for who they are. He then goes on to accuse his fellow Republicans of being “terrified” by the campaign to “force” gay marriage upon America.

It’s pretty clear cut: Discrimination is bad for business. Simple economics, Mr. Cruz. Of course, judging from his campaign statements, it would appear that he is very unfamiliar with those basic concepts. One can only hope that his willingness to take shots at the financiers of his book tour will come back to haunt him down the stretch.

Watch it here:

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