Watch: FunnyOrDie Hilariously Mocks Indiana's Anti-Gay Bigotry

In this humorous clip, FunnyOrDie’s James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp team up to poke fun at Indiana’s recent attempt to get away with a “license to discriminate” law. The two satirize the hypocrisy of the law by posing as a shopping channel that only serves heterosexuals.

“Can you imagine a world where a gay couple asks you to make them a cake and you actually have to sit down and make it?” asks Camp incredulously.

“What’s next, I leave my wife Cindy and go shack up with Don in a post-modern house in Palm Beach?” Van Der Beek wistfully responds.

They really bring home the inherent absurdity of refusing to conduct business on the basis of someone’s sexuality and claiming that it’s not discriminatory.

Watch the video here:

Indiana Home Shopping with James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp from Funny Or Die

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