Watch: John Fugelsang Destroys a Homophobic Republican Hypocrite

In this clip, comedian John Fugelsang rips a Republican talk show host, Heidi Harris, for her bigoted attempts to defend the fact that discrimination against gay and transgender Americans is legal in North Dakota- not only the providing of services but also such basic protections as bias in housing and employment.

Mr Fugelsang opens his rebuttal to Ms. Harris’s standard right-wing justifications by exploring the inherent contradiction in discriminating against gay people due to “religious freedom”: “The hypocrisy is being a follower of Christ when Christ never said a damn thing against gay people!”

When Ms. Harris interrupts with the same tired old one man, one woman conventional marriage argument, Mr. Fugelsang shuts her down and then follows with these zingers: “Gay people are not asking for special rights. Special rights are for political churches who don’t want to pay taxes. What’s curious about these legislators they’re not outraged that one class of Americans needs more protections under the law. They’re outrage that this class of Americans would ask for it, and that’s the hypocrisy.”

Ms. Harris can only rebut with the nonsensical argument that being gay is a behavior and a choice that one actively makes, and that gay behavior is what sets a person apart. Mr. Fugelsang responds with a fastball:

“No, being gay is what sets a person apart from straight people. If you have a have a problem with gay people, take it up with the manufacturer, because God keeps creating them around the world!”

Touche, Mr. Fugelsang.

Watch the video here:

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