Watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Stand Up for Gays: Sports Aren't Just for Straights!

During this recent interview, basketball hall-of-famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar applauded the NCAA’s choice to speak out about Indiana’s religious freedom bill and gave a strong defense of gay athletes across the country:

“They raised their voice, and that was a good thing. They have gay athletes they have to represent, and I’m glad they raised their voice because athletics are for everybody. They’re not just for straight people. So the fact that in the realm of sports, you could discriminate like that, people don’t like that. And it really made the people of Indiana think, and I’m glad that the thought process is starting to catch on. I was worried there for a little while.”

Kudos to Abdul-Jabbar for standing up for the LGBT community and telling it like it is. Our gay brothers and sisters deserve to be treated just like the rest of us, and we’re gonna have to drag bigots kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Watch the video:


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