The Infographic that Destroys All Republican Lies About Obama's Economy

The numbers are in, and here’s an infographic detailing exactly of how President Obama has healed our ailing economy, and solidly refutes all the Republican doomsday lies, half-truths, and distortions that they disseminate through their right-wing propaganda machines.

Since Pres. Obama took office, America has added 7,206,000 jobs. He dropped the high unemployment rate that he inherited from President Bush by 2.3%, to 5.5%, the country’s average rate since 1948. Startups are growing rapidly, birthing 220,000 new businesses in just three months. Despite all the accusations of his “socialism” and his crippling regulations, corporate profits are soaring and the S&P 500 index is up by 157%. America’s oil production has gone up by 83% and we have cut our foreign oil imports by half. Alternative energy sources produced 252% more electricity- 5% of all energy we produced last year.

Take a look at all he’s achieved!


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