Watch: Conservative Host Says 'There's No Such Thing as Gay People', Compares Gays to Rapists and Murderers

In this clip, host Jerry Kenny makes a horrifyingly ignorant argument against the existence of homosexuality. “I want somebody, somewhere, with all these great gay think tanks they have, prove to me scientifically, with some evidence, that there really is such a thing as a “gay gene”.

He then veers off the cliff of reason and decency: “We’ve already bought hook, line, and sinker, they can’t help it, they’re born that way! I guess a rapist then can say ‘Hey, I can’t help it, I was born a rapist’.

He then brings on Peter LaBarbera, president of a dangerous right wing hate organization, who joins him in comparing homosexuality other “natural” behaviors, like animal rape, consuming feces, and murder.

He ends with “Poison is natural. Why don’t we all drink a cup of poison?” The things that these evangelicals say against their fellow gay Americans are so hateful it’s mind-boggling that they can sleep at night or call themselves men of God.

Watch it here:


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