Watch: FOX Guest Wants a President Who Will 'Nuke Muslim Countries'

In this clip, FOX “News” guest Dallas Woodhouse somehow plunges the sophistication of the conservative networks discussions to even lower depths as he unleashes some profoundly offensive talking points, somehow managing to work misogyny, Islamophobia, and mass extermination within the first thirty seconds of opening his greasy mouth.

He joins Steve Doocy for a debate on future presidential candidates and opens by insulting Hillary Clinton for being “stale and moldy”, then questions Rand Paul’s relevancy because his libertarian brand of politics doesn’t hold strictly to orthodox Republicanism. Woodhouse then wonders if Rand Paul is committed to defending his nation, saying he wants a president who will “nuke a Muslim country”.

His brother, shocked, echoes all of our thoughts when he says “Thank God you aren’t running for President.”

Watch it here:

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