Watch: John Oliver Destroys the Ayn Rand Paul Cult of Selfishness

In this well-made video, John Oliver and the writers of Last Week Tonight wondered how Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism — “which is a nice way of saying, ‘being a selfish asshole’” — is still “a thing.”

The self-centered “heroes” of Ayn Rand’s novels were shown side-by-side with the spoiled teenagers of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Mark Cuban found himself lampooned for his love of Ayn Rand’s books. After all, he named his 287-foot yacht Fountainhead, “because sometimes having a 287-foot yacht isn’t enough to warn people you’re a douche-bag.”

Such clueless Ayn Rand followers who have expressed their love for the author include failed Vice-Presidential candidate and top General in the War-on-the-Poor Paul Ryan, Senate Whiner-in-Chief Ted Cruz, and the Senate’s resident libertarian wacko Rand Paul.

Perhaps nobody told Ryan, Cruz or Paul that Satanists are some of Ayn Rand’s biggest fans.

Indeed, Ayn Rand, who was pro-choice and anti-religion, held positions that don’t exactly line up with today’s conservative values — nor was she particularly fond of Pres. Reagan.

Together with her justification of violence and theft against Native Americans, one wonders why conservatives would hold up Rand as their idol “when there are so many other advocates for selfishness,” from Donald Trump to Drake to vain reality TV stars, “that they could choose from.”

Watch the video below (Content Warning for Adult Language)


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