Watch: Psychotic Conspiracy Theorist Enthusiastically Endorses Rand Paul

If there is a video that disqualifies Tea Party darling and newly announced presidential candidate Rand Paul from the Oval Office, it’s this one.

In it, anti-government extremist and conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars enthusiastically endorses Rand Paul for president, proving that Paul is the preferred candidate of the worst of the far-right.

Alex Jones is solely responsible for promoting absurd and dangerous conspiracy theories, blaming the government for the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Boston Bombings, and the 9/11 attacks. He believes that gay Americans are created by government chemicals, that the government can create and direct tornados, and that vaccines are tampered with by the “new world order”, leading to hidden warehouses full of “little boys who can’t talk that are in diapers for the rest of their lives”.

This man claims to be a personal friend of Rand Paul, and provides a dark glimpse into Rand Paul’s circle of extremist anti-government allies that should concern every American.

Watch it here, courtesy of MediaMatters:

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