Watch: Megyn Kelly Skewers Rand Paul for Constantly Losing His Temper On Air

In this clip, Megyn Kelly confronts Rand Paul with the fact that he clearly incapable of keeping his cool during contentious interviews. She shows a couple clips of his best moments, including one where he condescendingly shushes a female interviewer, then with gleeful mischief in her eyes, asks “What do you think of those clips, Senator?”

Rand Paul then begins complaining that “interviews are difficult” and then makes an awful comparison to interview questions by saying “They’re setting you up to say ‘You know, you’ve been beating your wife for so many years, when are you going to stop beating your wife?” The choice of words is astonishingly poor, especially since most of his on-air freak-outs have been towards women, to whom he responds with supreme rudeness.

He keeps on complaining about interviews, saying that “He’d rather do thirty minutes with Charlie Rose in a Lay-Z Boy” than any contentious issues that actually force him to come up with valid responses, to which Kelly is bewildered. She calmly explains that that’s just how the media is these days, to which he begins getting flustered and cutting her off, before hammering home that “the question people are asking about you is if you’re ready for primetime? Because it’s only gonna get worse…When you get on that debate stage, they’re going to pound you!”

After only a single day of campaigning, its become clear to everybody that Rand Paul does not have what it takes to handle simple interviews, nor the workload of his job as a junior senator, and certainly not the burdens of the Presidency.

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