Elizabeth Warren: All 2016 Candidates Should Focus On 'Rebuilding America's Middle Class' (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Senator Elizabeth Warren talked to CBS This Morning about the 2016 presidential race. When the hosts asked her if she was going to endorse Hillary Clinton, Warren made it clear that her concern was with the middle class and not partisan politics.

The show’s hosts asked Sen. Warren if she believed Clinton represents what the Democratic Party ought to be. Warren explained that the Democratic Party is not a “static thing,” it grows and is about “drawing contrasts” with the Republican Party:

“I’ll give you a very specific example of that: right now the United States government makes billions of dollars in profits off the backs of kids who are trying to get an education through student loans and the Democrats–a hundred percent of us–have lined up to say, in the United States Senate, the interest rate on student loans should be reduced…the Republicans have lined up on the other side and said it’s more important to protect tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires.” [Source]

Senator Warren has made it her mission to get the interest rates on student loans reduced and Democrats have stood behind her. Republicans have fought it every step of the way because they are perfectly comfortable saddling kids and young adults with thousands of dollars of debt if it means protecting the bank accounts of their rich friends and donors.

The hosts of the show were clearly unhappy with the answer she gave and tried to bring up Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy again. Senator Warren sidestepped the provocation and continued to make the conversation about the middle class, saying the candidates should all be focused on that as well:

“I think everyone who is running for president should be talking about what they will do to strengthen and rebuild Americas middle class. This has been my lifetime’s work. I have watched year by year by year where America’s middle class just has to take one punch after another. We’ve reached a point where this just isn’t going to work anymore.”

Senator Warren has been a crusader for the middle class and she continued that crusade on the show. Even though the hosts wanted to pull her into a discussion about Hillary Clinton, she wouldn’t do it.  It didn’t matter how many times the hosts, who were clearly becoming annoyed, tried to pull her in she didn’t budge. She told them that she is willing to work with anyone who is willing to put the middle class first. This is the reason she is so well-respected; she puts the people before politics.

Watch the interview below: