Watch: Bernie Sanders Lists 4 Awful Things All 2016 GOP Candidates Have In Common

In this video from last Night’s “Nightly Show”, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is asked by Host Larry Wilmore about Rand Paul’s campaign, specifically wether he believes Paul is a legitimate presidential candidate, or if he is merely “cray” (slang for crazy).

Sanders lets loose, exposing the Republican field and listing four awful things they all have in common: “After you get through the nuances of a Rand Paul or a Ted Cruz or a Jeb Bush, their views are pretty much the same: that is, tax breaks for billionaires, more spending for the military, cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and accepting as much money as you can from billionaires. That is the Republican DNA: make the rich richer while everyone else becomes poorer.”

Bernie Sanders is right on the money. As Rand Paul dances the political dance, he’s already begun drifting to the right and abandoning the libertarian positions that distinguished him from his peers. The rest of the candidates have already made clear that the Republican DNA runs through all their veins, and that Wall Street rules their opinions.

It’s sad that each and every single Republican candidate is a shill for billionaires, polluters, and Wall Street. Some Tea Partiers mistakenly believed Paul to be different, but his actions and words have proven that he is just like all the others.

Well done, Bernie.

Watch it here:

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