Watch: Tea Partier Warns Learning Other Languages is Jihadist Socialism

“Stealth jihad is working in every circle you can think of in the United States” begins this speech by Dorrie O’Brien, an author and Islamophobe who is convinced that radical Islam is making its way into American culture through the teaching of other languages, calendars, and multiculturalism.

“Have you noticed, these days, that the Islamic holy days are on all the calendars?” she begins. It quickly goes downhill from there, as she denounces a child a who read the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic in a small New York school. In fact, the school asked him to do so, because the school was celebrating “world languages day, or some such thing.” She then decries multiculturalism and socialism, clearly unfamiliar with the meaning of either of those two words, and in an outburst of extreme ignorance declares that schools should celebrate English, and that she “doesn’t understand why we should celebrate other languages.”

She then goes on to attack New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for “shoving two Islamic holy days down the throats of non-Muslims” while being heckled by a member of the crowd who noted that “they voted for it!” She says that de Blasio is a “dimi?”, and that he is paying his “jyzia” (an ancient tax imposed under the Ottoman Empire on non-Muslim citizens), because “the Muslim Brotherhood played a large role in getting him elected”.

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in America, and it is very progressive and inclusive of Mr. de Blasio to recognize the holidays of all of his constituents. This Tea Partier clearly has yet to understand that America’s strength is derived from it’s melting pot of cultural diversity — and the fact that Islam is one of the many religions embraced by that melting pot doesn’t mean that Muslims are waging a “stealth jihad”. In fact, they are only expressing their religion, just as she has a right to express her own Christianity without being demagogued.

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