Watch: CA Police Caught On Camera Brutally Beating Handcuffed Suspect 'Worse Than Rodney King'

In this shocking video, thirteen San Bernardino deputies were recorded brutally beating a handcuffed and tased horse thief. Francis Pusok, 30, led the deputies on a three-hour chase through the desert on horseback, which apparently raised the ire of the pursuing officers, who then delivered 37 punches, 17 kicks, and four baton strikes in a relentless two minute assault that was so vigorous that afterwards two of the deputies were treated for dehydration!

While there are many good cops in America, there are also some bad apples that spoil the reputation of law enforcement officers across the nation. Just days after Walter Scott was murdered by a South Carolina police officer, this video comes to light, and the frequency of these kinds of incidents keeps bringing up the same questions about the need for increased accountability and oversight for the more aggressive members of our police forces.

But for the second time this week, the incident was caught on camera and justice will be swift. All thirteen officers have been suspended and an investigation has been launched. This is precisely why the right to film the actions of law enforcement is important, and why we can’t allow bills like Texas’s HB 2918 to pass. It keeps America honest.

Watch it here:

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