Watch: FL Republican is Asked If His New Anti-Gay Law Discriminates. His Answer Will Shock You

In this very telling clip, Florida Republican Representative Jason Brodeur has a simple answer when asked if his new “religious freedom” discrimination law is purposefully designed to prevent “nontraditional” families from adopting children: “Yes”.

Passed with by an overwhelming Republican majority late Thursday, the bill would makes it so that “the state could not revoke a license nor refuse any funding to these [adoption] agencies based on their decision not to place children with certain families”.

Representative David Richardson (you can Like his Facebook page here), a rising star within the ranks of the Florida Democratic Party and the first LGBT congressman elected in the history of the Florida legislature, has been spearheading an effort to fix the bill via protected class amendments. Brodeur has consistently derailed his efforts by offering identical amendments with the phrase, “An act by a private child-placing agency under this subsection does not constitute discrimination” added in, and the House confirmed the right to discriminate not once but several times in passing each amendment. This is another blow to the cause of equality in America and weakens the divide between church and state. Not only does it prevent gay Americans from adopting children, but other “non-traditional” families including single parents are restricted as well.

Rep. Richardson asks Brodeur if “If a child-placing agency decided that they had a moral objection to having single moms adopt, would they be permitted under your bill to have that policy and then reject all single mothers from adopting in the state of Florida?”

Brodeur replies “Yes” without a hint of shame or remorse.

Watch it here:

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