Watch: FOX Host Says Walter Scott Had It Coming, Caused His Own Murder

On this clip, Geraldo Rivera on Fox News defends and justifies the brutal South Carolina killing of Walter Scott, directly implying that the victim deserved to be shot down from behind because he attempted to avoid arrest.

He first describes the incident as a “righteous traffic stop” and exaggerates an eyewitness story of a physical struggle: “You don’t see, but there is reliable, I think, eyewitness account that there is then a struggle after the Taser. So, up until that point, the cop with his adrenaline pumping, now he’s been in a physical tussle, and now the perpetrator has reached for the Taser allegedly. Now it gives you the context of his blood boiling, ”

It’s hard to believe that a man whose job involves daily physical engagements and high-adrenaline situations would become so instantly drunk with bloodlust that he loses control of his faculties and somehow “didn’t mean” to pull his gun and shoot an innocent man, and that the mere fact that there was “no premeditation” somehow “saves him from the murder rap”.

Even Rivera’s conservative co-hosts were horrified by his remarks, and made it clear that they did not agree with his controversial opinions. Why is it that FOX News always bends over backwards to come up with ridiculous ways to justify the murder of black, unarmed, Americans at the hands of “bad apple” police officers.

Watch it here:

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