Watch: A FOX Host Goes On A Shockingly Sexist Rant About Hillary Clinton

Brace yourselves, America. The Republican war on women has reached a new low after Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will seek the Presidency. In this shamefully sexist video, Greg Gutfeld and the rest of the FOX Five crew discuss the proper way to refer to Hillary Clinton, or “Hillary”. Gutfeld gleefully takes advantage of the opportunity he’s been craving– to go from a racist against President Obama to a sexist against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But first, the hosts play a bizarre and insulting ad promoting a “Bill Clinton for First Lady” campaign. After the video, Gutfeld ponders:

“How about her maiden name? Rodham. Rod…Ham. It’s both sexist and anti-Muslim!”

It goes downhill from there. Gutfeld then considers “madam secretary”, but laughingly decides not to as “it’s demeaning, ‘madam’ is an illegal job and secretary is beneath her!”

Things got so bad that his fellow co-host was forced to cut him off and exclaim “that was awkward!”

The idea that a greasy hyena of a pundit like Gutfeld, known for such other ventures into the realm of conservative hysteria like “the Three Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse”, pretending to be concerned about showing proper respect to one our nation’s most admired women and premier politicians is offensive in and of it self, not to mention the sexist jokes being made at Hillary’s expense.

Watch it here:


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