Watch: Five Years Of Shameless Rand Paul Flip-Flops In Two Minutes

In this hilarious clip, Rand Paul’s slide from conservative libertarian to cookie-cutter Republican shill is set up as a primary debate between his past and present selves in which both sides lose.

Over two minutes, Paul’s flip-flopping is exposed on the issues of funding for Israel, strikes against ISIS, support for the Civil Rights Act, the usefulness of the government shutdown, and a federal ban on same-sex marriage. It really is a shame that in this day and age, the hostile and deeply ideological atmosphere surrounding the Republican Party has eliminated any trace of moderation or progressive thinking among the 2016 contenders.

Unfortunately for this Tea Party “darling” and corparatist fraud, he’s running for President during a time when the Internet and Youtube forever immortalize your cynical flip-flops.

Watch it here, brought to you by the Democratic National Convention:

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