Watch: This Video Breaks Down the Shocking Cost of Gun Violence in Two Minutes

In this video, the true cost of the horrific gun violence that afflicts American society is broken down and explained in shocking detail. Despite all the right-wing protests of about government tyranny, it’s clear that America has a gun problem, one that no other developed country comes close to having.

Thirty-three thousand Americans die from gunshots every year; another 80,000 are injured. In addition to the loss of life and painful suffering, there is a monetary cost that goes along with it: $229 billion dollars- almost as much as the entire nation spends on Medicaid in a year. The costs from hospitals to lawyers and everything that goes along with one single homicide add up to $440,000…and there’s 32 of them every day. In addition, there’s another $49 billion lost in wages and productivity from the victims. Added up, it comes down to a murder tax of $700 for every single American.

The tragedy of gun violence has haunted America for too long, and this is how much it’s really costing us.

Watch it here, courtesy of Mother Jones:

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