Watch: Bill Maher Destroys the False Equivalency Between the Clinton and Bush 'Dynasties'

In this awesome clip from this week’s Real Time, HBO’s Bill Maher eviscerates the media’s “lazy”and demonstrably false equivalency between the Bush and the Clinton “dynasties” with a powerful rant:

“So, I’m already pissed off at the media because because I feel like they are so lazy. I hear so much about The Bush versus Clinton dynasties. First of all, The Clintons built their own!. The Bushes, Jeb and George, inherited theirs! Their father was the president, their grandfather was a senator. Okay, that’s one difference. The other difference is: don’t results matter? The Clinton results were pretty good! They left us with a surplus. The three Bush Administrations left us with $4.3 trillion in debt and wars!

The rent was so good, it’s Drew a sharp applause from the crowd, and one audience member screamed “That’s right, Bill!”

Maher couldn’t be more right. For the media to equate the Clinton dynasty with the unmitigated disasters that were the Bush presidencies is both intellectually lazy, dishonest, and reckless.

Kudos to Maher for speaking the truth.

Watch the video:

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