Watch: Bernie Sanders Epically Shreds the 'Immoral' Republican Budget

In this video from today’s Senate hearing, a passionate Bernie Sanders unloads both barrels on the immoral Republican budget, listing the many ways that it does “exactly the opposite” of what the American people think needs to be done to rebuild the American middle class.

Senator Sanders breaks down the proposed Republican budget and details each area of policy where the cavalier funding-slashing that the Republicans are so fond of only piles on to the burdens that the average American must carry. From healthcare to student loans to food assistance to the drive to abolish the estate tax, the cutting of tax credits for working families, the financial impact on the middle class is astonishing and the benefits to the billionaire class even more so.

It really is difficult to understand why it’s so hard for us to make progress, especially in the most basic areas of human need: “The least we can do as a nation, in a nation that has more income and wealth inequality than any other major country, a nation in which the wealthiest people are becoming phenomenally richer, while we have forty million people living in poverty, the least we can do is make sure nobody goes hungry.”

He dejectedly finishes his speech with “this budget is a budget that is so out of tune with what the American people want.” We couldn’t agree more.

Watch it here:

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