Watch: Obama Destroys Rick Scott's Climate Change 'Gag Order' In One Minute

In this speech celebrating the world’s 45th annual Earth Day celebration, President Obama traveled to the Everglades and spoke on the dangers of climate change and the utter foolishness of the Republican campaign of ignorance and denial. He used the occasion to take a few shots at Florida Governor Rick Scott, who signed an order banning the very discussion of climate change, which is an inconceivably short-sighted in a state which will feel the effects of climate change sooner, harsher, and with more to lose from it- including its $82 billion dollar tourism industry.

President Obama was heartfelt in his conviction and passionate in his delivery, drawing enthusiastic applause from the crowd: “If you’ve got a coming storm, you don’t stick your head in the sand; you prepare for the storm.  You make sure our communities are prepared for climate change.  And that’s an economic imperative.  Protecting the one planet we’ve got is what we have to do for the next generation”

There’s no question as to who the “head in the sand” remark was directed at. As Florida broils in the midst of a record-setting heat wave, it’s all too clear that continued denial will only lead to catastrophic consequences.

Watch it here:

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