Watch: Pregnant Fast-Food Manager Fired After Giving Up Money To Armed Robber

In this shocking video, an armed robber forces a pregnant manager at a Popeyes in Texas to give up the $400 held in the cash register. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough for Marissa Holcomb, who works two jobs to provide for her three kids and soon-to-be newborn, the Popeyes franchise blamed her for the loss and ordered her to repay the money she had relinquished in exchange for her own life. Ms. Holcomb obviously refused the absurdly inappropriate request and was subsequently fired for it.

The money in question, some $400, was the profit from one hour of sales. It is a sad state of affairs for the American worker when their employers hold them responsible for minor losses when their very life is at risk. Who could blame her for doing what she did? The very idea is appalling and the franchise owner, Z & H Foods Inc, should be ashamed of themselves. It really just goes to show how giant multinational corporations see their workers as only tools, names on a payroll sheet, showing no compassion or care for their well-being; only seeing the allure of profits and a willingness to sacrifice their worker’s lives to protect them.

Watch it here, courtesy of KHOU-TV:

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