Watch: Jon Stewart Rips Oklahoma GOP for Allowing So Much Fracking It Causes Earthquakes

In this clip from the Daily Show, Jon Stewart investigates the recent outbreak of earthquakes in the state of Oklahoma, where the ground shakes up to twice a day. Scientific investigations have revealed that heavy fracking is the source of the problem- but the House Republicans aren’t hearing it.

Up to 2008, Oklahoma endured one to two earthquakes a year. After six years of hydraulic fracking, however, that number has risen to two a day. “Is it, as common sense might suggest, the seemingly obvious connection to industrial fracking, or is the Good Lord using our state as a Shake Weight?” quips Stewart.

He then rips into state officials for being magnanimous enough to “accept” scientific fact, as if it was debatable or somehow inconclusive. “THAT is the real earthquake!” he declares sarcastically. “Oklahoma, admitting you have a problem is the first step. But the Oklahoma legislature, in response, passed a law banning towns and cities from passing bans on fracking, in a hypocritical move to take agency away from the people.

The fracking industry in Oklahoma is putting the lives of their people at risk, and it’s beyond comprehension why they wouldn’t take any efforts to rectify a problem that is literally shaking their lives.

Watch it here:

Stewart on Oklahoma by omar-rivero-305



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