Watch: Obama and Bill Nye Destroy Republican Climate Change Deniers In One Minute

In this video, President Obama sits down with the famous scientist and beloved television educator Bill Nye to discuss climate change and the role of science in modern government.

Bill Nye begins by recalling that “You know it says in the Constitution, Section 1, Paragraph 8, that you shall promote science and the useful arts, you know, along with everything else you’ve got to do…”

The President agrees, saying “That’s part of my Constitutional duty, but you’re right in terms of, that’s why it is so important for our political leaders to not just talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and education, and talk about basic research in the abstract, but number one to fund it, put your money where your mouth is… But number two, when you’re making decisions around important issues, make sure you take science seriously.”

He then turns his attention to the self-imposed ignorance of the Republican Party and takes them to task, calling them out: “I see members of Congress being members of climate denial club, basically stiff arming what we know are facts, and not rebutting them with facts, but rebutting them with anecdotes, or just being dismissive, or “oh I’m not a scientist” – I’m not a scientist either but I know a lot of scientists , I have the capacity to understand science, I have the capacity to look at facts and base my conclusions on evidence.”

It is mind-boggling that five thousand years of human scientific inquiry has led us to this point, where people are purposefully burying their heads in the sand for selfish political reasons. President Obama’s efforts for science are desperately needed in a culture where lies become truth and facts are no longer concrete.


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