Watch: Obama Destroys Dick Cheney With a Brilliant Joke

After Vice Pres. had the audacity to call Pres. Obama the “worst president of my lifetime”, Pres. Obama waited until tonight’s Media Correspondent’s Dinner to get him back, leveling the former Vice President Dick Cheney with a hard-hitting joke that used Dick Cheney’s own criticism of Obama against him and made brilliantly called out Dick Cheney for being our de-facto President during Bush’s disastrous presidency.

The crowd roared with approval and loved to see Pres. Obama fight back against Dick Cheney, a man who oversaw the death of over a million people, the destabilization of the entire Middle East, and he near destruction of the American middle class.

While Bush vacationed in his ranch, Cheney coldly calculated his military empire and Wall Street heists that led to the recession and near destruction of the middle class.

Kudos to Pres. Obama for undressing this admitted torturer with wit and humor.

Watch the video BELOW:

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